Apr 20

Wholesale Microtech Knives

Okay, we have a legitimate lead for people looking for wholesale knives. Blade Distribution is a new company offering wholesale Microtech Knives. This is one of the few places you get Microtech products to resell as a dealer. All knives are offered at dealer pricing and the selection, while not comprehensive, is large and consistent. If you’ve been looking to add Microtech Knives to your retail offerings check our Blade Distribution today.

If you’re not a wholesaler and are looking to purchase Microtech Knives as a consumer then Wholesale Knives recommends Blade HQ.

Mar 26

Beware Fake Wholesale Companies

I know, I know- you’re starting a company and for whatever unfathomable reason you’ve decided you need to enter the already crowded world of knife retail. Even with thousands of online companies already entrenched in the “infinite” retail virtual real estate you think there’s plenty of room for you. I get it, I do. You believe that you have some kind of edge (suck on the pun). You’ll work harder, you’ll have a better selection, a superior website or perhaps there’s some other pipe-dream that’s driving your madness. Anyway… you’re starting an online knife shop. And, let’s be honest, you need some help.

The reason for you visit to this website is obvious. You’re looking for wholesale knives. Now I’ve made “wholesale knives” a link that goes to website that has some low cost knives, but nothing there is wholesale (and this company isn’t pretending that they sell wholesale knives either). But there are plenty of online companies that advertise “wholesale knives” but are not true wholesale suppliers. You can be easily tricked into thinking a site is a whole sale supplier if that is the website’s intention. Be warned!

A true wholesale website will not sell to the public. They will require a certificate of resale (or a business license). Typically true wholesalers will offer products at 50% off of MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail pay). Additionally wholesaler will represent numerous manufacturers and offer a diverse product selections.

So how do you find these knife wholesalers? Well, if you’re here then you’re probably on the right track. You’ve typed “wholesale knives” into Google or Yahoo (or heaven forbid Ask Jeeves or Bing… uhg). Just be careful and make sure you buy via a legitimate source.

Legitimate knife wholesalers are out there but it’s up to you to find them. As I’ve said the online knife retail arena is ruthless, crowded and cutthroat. If you venture in prepare to get hurt. Best of luck!


Wholesale Benchmade (no, not really)
Wholesale Microtech (fool you once shame on me, fool you twice shame on you)
Wholesale Boker (seriously, get out of here…)

Aug 03

Buying Wholesale Knives.

So, you want to sell knives? Naturally then you have to procure them at a wholesale price so you can make money. And your number of question is going to be “Where do I get wholesale knives?” But waaayyyy before we get to that point let’s talk about your real dream: Being a knife retailer. They always say the grass is greener on the other side. To you, the hopeful knife store owner, selling knives is somewhat akin to sitting on a beach sipping lemonade while a gentle breeze caresses your skin. But I’m here to tell you that being a knife store owner is like being trapped on a beach while seagulls peck at your sunburned body and the only thing that even resembles lemonade is something customers do on you as they pass by.

Let’s be serious for a moment. One quick Google search and you’ll quickly realize that the Internet is packed with excellent online knife shops. Many of these bigger shops have millions in inventory, many full time staff and huge warehouses. Is that something you really want to compete with? Consider the issues of incoming inventory, inventory management, packing and shipping, inbound phone calls, not to mention the technological nightmare of operating a website! Many of these established online knife companies have been in business for over a decade. You truly expect to waltz in and take some of their pie? They like that pie. They guard that pie. You will not take their pie without a fight!

Let’s say that you somehow manage to get a working website launched. And you manage to cough up enough money to buy some basic inventory (and remember, here at WholesaleKnives.com we know this is what you want and we’ll get to it soon). And then (because you’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars with a credible search engine optimization team) you finally get a knife order! Yes, the customer has chosen you to meet their knife supply needs. They have have called the toll free number you set up (this was very difficult, so good work on that, on that by the way) and they’re ready to order… they just need you to price match one of the larger established stores. Well, no problem you think- all the knives come from the same place. You price match it, your margin shrinks to about 12% and you’ve just made $12 on a $100 knife and it only took an investment of nearly $25,000!

And then you wait- because no orders come the next day. You start getting hungry. Your little girls asks you when you’re going to eat again. A week goes by and then phone rings. Your one and only customer wants to send his knife back. Your little girl sits motionless in a chair hugging her teddy bear. You give the customer his RA number and pray for better days ahead. But they don’t come. The big online knife companies get first shot at inventory and leave you groping for crumbs. You don’t have access to limited knife runs and are too small to do any exclusives. The employee you hired to “help” is making packing and shipping mistakes, he’s being rude to the few customers that trickle in. He’s eating food out of your fridge (because in case you didn’realize it, you’re working from home). Your wife is mad that you quite your “real” job and she makes you sleep on the couch. But you sold your couch to buy inventory (which it turns out you paid too much for) so you just sleep on the floor.

Bottom line people- if your dream is to sell knives online maybe it’s time to reevaluate it a bit. Obviously you have a passion for knives, right? So why not just collect knives instead? It’s fun hobby that will bring you tons of pleasure without the headache of trying to run a store (did you really think that was going to work?). Seriously- don’t be tricked into thinking that you’re looking for wholesale knives. Just buy from one of the established retailers with the best prices, selection and service: BladePlay.com. Because we care (and want to keep all our pie and take your money).

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Jan 08

Wholesale Knives

Psst! Looking for wholesale knives? We may be able to help you out. Not quite yet though. We’re preparing to launch our website later this year. We’ll bring you great deals, resources and industry news. Stay tuned.