Mar 26

Beware Fake Wholesale Companies

I know, I know- you’re starting a company and for whatever unfathomable reason you’ve decided you need to enter the already crowded world of knife retail. Even with thousands of online companies already entrenched in the “infinite” retail virtual real estate you think there’s plenty of room for you. I get it, I do. You believe that you have some kind of edge (suck on the pun). You’ll work harder, you’ll have a better selection, a superior website or perhaps there’s some other pipe-dream that’s driving your madness. Anyway… you’re starting an online knife shop. And, let’s be honest, you need some help.

The reason for you visit to this website is obvious. You’re looking for wholesale knives. Now I’ve made “wholesale knives” a link that goes to website that has some low cost knives, but nothing there is wholesale (and this company isn’t pretending that they sell wholesale knives either). But there are plenty of online companies that advertise “wholesale knives” but are not true wholesale suppliers. You can be easily tricked into thinking a site is a whole sale supplier if that is the website’s intention. Be warned!

A true wholesale website will not sell to the public. They will require a certificate of resale (or a business license). Typically true wholesalers will offer products at 50% off of MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail pay). Additionally wholesaler will represent numerous manufacturers and offer a diverse product selections.

So how do you find these knife wholesalers? Well, if you’re here then you’re probably on the right track. You’ve typed “wholesale knives” into Google or Yahoo (or heaven forbid Ask Jeeves or Bing… uhg). Just be careful and make sure you buy via a legitimate source.

Legitimate knife wholesalers are out there but it’s up to you to find them. As I’ve said the online knife retail arena is ruthless, crowded and cutthroat. If you venture in prepare to get hurt. Best of luck!


Wholesale Benchmade (no, not really)
Wholesale Microtech (fool you once shame on me, fool you twice shame on you)
Wholesale Boker (seriously, get out of here…)

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